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The company "Metinvest Asia" is striving to become one of the world's most effective commodity trading companies. The mission of the company is to increase the competitiveness of our customers by supplying a wide range of high-quality products at an acceptable price by all divisions of the company, which together form a highly organized divisional structure wth a vertically integrated control system.

To be the leader on an economic efficiency

 Increase productivity and achieve the lowest level of costs.  Maintenance of long-term competitiveness.  Investment in modern highly effective technologies.  Strengthening positions in high-yield markets by increasing the share of products with high added value in the company's portfolio.

Strengthening the status of the priority company

 For staff - by providing conditions for productive work and opportunities For professional growth - from workers to senior management.  For consumers - at the expense of consistently high quality, impeccable reliability supplies, professional information and technical support.  For partners and investors - due to transparency, financial stability and reliability in fulfilling obligations.

Be a safe and friendly company

 Ensuring the safety and comfort of personnel at the Group's enterprises.  Minimizing the impact of the company's operations on the environment through the introduction of environmentally efficient technologies.  Increase the level of social and corporate responsibility of the company.

Strong partnership relations established over the years of cooperation with the leading manufacturers of the industry, our experience, knowledge and constant work on market research, allow us to quickly fulfill orders, providing consumers with high quality products at competitive prices.

We value our reputation and trust in our business partners!